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John Bergen, and his wife, Eloise Bergen, are seen resting in a Nairobi Hospital  July 12, 2008 after they were attacked at their guarded residence in Kenya.


John and Eloise Bergen are transported by air ambulance to the Nairobl Hospital after they were attacked at their home in Kitale, Kenya, Thursday, July 9, 2008.

Missionaries in Kenya 'live for' their work, son says
A missionary couple that was badly beaten after thugs invaded their Kenya home plan to return to the African country after spending a few months in Canada getting treatment for their injuries.

John and Eloise Bergen, of Vernon, B.C., were living in Kitale, Kenya and working with the Canadian charity Hope for the Nations when they were attacked earlier this month.

Eight people armed with clubs and machetes broke into the Bergens' farm house. Both John, 70, and Eloise, 65, were badly beaten. Eloise was tied up and her husband was left outside for dead.

Both suffered from broken jaws and wounds to the head and neck. John, 70, received multiple fractures of the skull, arms, leg and knee.

Despite the attack, the Bergens plan to return to Kenya after they receive both physical and psychological therapy in Canada, their son Darcy told Canada AM on Friday.

"My Dad told me three days ago that he wants to stay in Kenya the rest of his life," Darcy said in a phone interview from Nairobi.

"They're just so encouraged by the work they're doing here with the orphans. That's what they live for."

The couple had been airlifted to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, in critical condition and have been in hospital ever since. Eloise has now been released from hospital and John should be out by the weekend.

Darcy said that Kitale police have arrested nine suspects in the case and have the names of the rest of the alleged attackers.

At the time of the attack, the couple had been in Kenya for over four months to work with children in the aftermath of widespread political violence earlier in the year.

Ralph Bromley president of Hope for the Nations, said the group works in 20 different countries, but the recent attack marks the first violence targeting foreign workers with the organization.