Bergens Mission

The full story and photos now available in an exciting book.

The year is 2008. Late one evening in rural Kenya, a band of men break into a farm and brutally assault and rob the couple living there. The couple had recently arrived from Canada for missionary work among orphans. Near the point of death, they struggle to find medical treatment in the dark of night. Their healing is miraculous, but the greater story is their spiritual journey to healing through the power of forgiveness. This book is their story - the shock and suffering they experienced, and the joy and hope they found, told here in their own words.

John and Eloise Bergen moved to Africa in March 2008 after living in Canada and New Zealand, where they had pastored for 25 years. They also operated a small business in Western Canada before their first trip to Kenya. They wrote this book as they prepared for their return to the Kenya they have grown to love, and where they will continue to serve orphans and others in need.

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